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This was supposed to be a lot more vibrant but you know how tumblr is. 

Track: Ghirahim's Theme
Artist: thomandy


A piano solo of Ghirahim’s Theme from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, played by thomandy.


i just???

started doodling and this linework happened??

the colouring is really rushed and messy but idc about that just look at those fucking lines. 

i named this file 'how.questionmark' lmao. 

you may think you have fucked up but i was singing the openeing song really loudly into siri just now bc i dont wanna do my homework but i didnt know my mom was home and as soon as i finished singing i heard her cracking up from downstairs

Work by 밈메 (Twitter)




I really love how most victory animations go like, “And the winner is…”, the character does a pose, their name shows up and is announced, and it’s done. 

And then you have Toon Link


the entire plot of twilight princess is link turning around and getting shocked by people taller than him